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General Contracting Terms and Conditions

The present general contracting terms and conditions are applicable to all commercial transactions performed on our websites, domains owned by Eventos E-COMMERCE, S.L., a legally constituted company in Spain holding CIF (Tax No.) B65224578 and registered in the Companies Register of Barcelona, volume 41597, Folio 189 Hoja B 390254.

1. Identification is a business unit belonging to Eventos E-COMMERCE, S.L., holding CIF (Tax No.) B65224578, headquartered at Calle Goya, nº 22 - 2ª Planta and registered in the Companies Register of Barcelona, volume 41597, Folio 189, Hoja B 390254. Any notification may be sent to the registered office, telephone no. 91 639 67 13 or e-mail [email protected].

2. Activity

Eventos E-COMMERCE, S.L. is dedicated to event organisation relating to digital marketing. Attendance at said events may be contracted via the webpage.

3. Contents and Information Supplied on the Website

Eventos E-COMMERCE, S.L. reserves the right to change the presented commercial offer on the website (changes to products, prices, promotions and other commercial and service terms) at any time. Eventos E-COMMERCE, S.L. makes every effort within its means to offer truthful information on the website without typographical errors. Where any error of this type occurs at any time, outside the control at all times of Eventos E-COMMERCE, S.L., it will be corrected immediately. Where any typographical error occurs in any of the prices shown and a client has made a purchase decision based on said error Eventos E-COMMERCE, S.L. will notify the client of said error and the client will have the right to cancel their purchase without incurring any cost.

The website contents of may, at times, show provisional information for some products. Where the information supplied fails to correspond to the product features, clients will have the right to cancel their purchase without incurring any cost.

Eventos E-COMMERCE, S.L. is neither directly nor indirectly liable for any of the information, content, statements or expressions the products commercialised by Eventos E-COMMERCE, S.L. . contain. Said liability at all times falls to the manufacturers or distributors of said products. Clients understand that Eventos E-COMMERCE, S.L. is a mere intermediary between them and said manufacturer or distributor.
Eventos E-COMMERCE is neither directly nor indirectly liable nor does it guarantee the services offered and supplied by third parties. This is especially applicable to Suppliers, Technical Service, especially operators for event location or service staff at the events OME contracts to carry out activities in the framework of the event.

Eventos E-COMMERCE only accepts liability for damages which have occurred due to fraud or through serious negligence by internal staff.

4. Sales System

In order to take part in the fairs and events organised by Eventos E-COMMERCE, S.L., users may choose between several ways of applying for registration:

  • Internet via the signed Registration Form, scanned and sent to [email protected]
  • By Fax on +34 91 639 67 13, by letter to the address shown above or via e-mail

5. Applicable Taxes

The product prices shown on the webpage, do not include Value Added Tax (VAT) which, where appropriate, is applicable.

6. Payment Method

6.1 Payments regarding services relating to the Event.

All complete payments for services in relation to the Event, participation rates, sponsoring services, reservation and rental of stands, etc. must be made via transfer to the Eventos E-COMMERCE account provided except where there is written agreement to the contrary at least 14 days in advance before the event begins. If not, Eventos E-COMMERCE is authorised to refuse event participation. Payments or guarantees supplied up to then will only be returned where Eventos E-COMMERCE deems it appropriate.

6.2 Payments regarding Advert publication.

Payments for advert publication must be made via transfer to the Eventos E-COMMERCE account provided except where there is written agreement to the contrary at least 7 days in advance. If not, Eventos E-COMMERCE is authorised to refuse advert publication or reservation until the payment has been made.

7. Event Registration and Participation Methods.

Eventos E-COMMERCE allows company and firm event participation in different ways, as Exhibitor, Speaker or Sponsor.

7.1. Exhibitor

7.1.1.Stand Allocation. Fair Stand Location.

The right to desired surface area is established after the signed Registration Form for the Event arrives at the OME offices and confirmation of said Registration is provided by OME. The desired location and the Fair Stand number will be taken into account. Due to technical organisation reasons, in isolated cases it may not be possible to allocate the desired location. Exhibitors will be notified at least 14 days in advance of the distribution and definitive location of Stands. Non-allocation of the desired location on the registration form does not give the right to cancel the contract with OME for Event participation nor any other right such as a price reduction nor others against Eventos E-COMMERCE.

7.1.2 Modular Fair Stand

Exhibitors having made a Standard or ‘Modular Fair’ Stand reservation will have the right to services established for this point at each event, such as furniture, electricity, etc. provided nothing else is agreed in writing.

For other requested services, such as additional furniture, internet access or electricity supply above that supplied at the modular fair stand, the respective price lists for each event will be applicable.

7.1.3 Individual Stand Design

Where exhibitors choose the ‘Individual Stand Design’ they will only have the right to the reserved surface area. For other services, such as furniture, internet access, electricity supply, cleaning, etc. the current prices for the event will be applicable.

Stand construction will be paid by the exhibitor, charged with contracting the respective services to carry out this task, provided the contrary and other conditions have not been agreed in writing.

The Stand design and concept, as well as the measurements and photos or drawings thereof, must be delivered to Eventos E-COMMERCE at least 30 days before the Event begins, so as to be approved. Eventos E-COMMERCE will reply to the application in the period of 3 working days, granting the desired surface area, or notify exhibitors of necessary adjustments. Eventos E-COMMERCE reserves the right to reject Stand concepts where they may damage the general concept.

7.1.4 Technical Specifications.

All the relevant information on timetables and technical specifications for Stand Assembly will be provided to exhibitors in the respective ‘Assembly Regulations’.

7.1.5 Service Provision Applications

All service provision applications within the event Framework, such as electricity supply, internet, telephone, catering, furniture, as well as adaptation wishes differing from standard installations, must be notified to Eventos E-COMMERCE at least 30 days in advance before the event begins. Eventos E-COMMERCE does not guarantee applications presented in a period less than 30 days before the event begins can be processed or supplied in time.

7.2. Sponsor

The right to backing or sponsorship is set once the registration form has arrived and has been confirmed by Eventos E-COMMERCE for the event. All costs possibly resulting from backing or sponsorship will be met by the Sponsor, except where there is written agreement to the contrary.

7.3 Speakers

The costs arising from travel, accommodation and board for speakers invited by Eventos E-COMMERCE will be met by Speakers except where there is written agreement to the contrary.

The conference topics will be jointly set by the speaker and Eventos E-COMMERCE. Speakers will send the title and brief summary of the talk to Eventos E-COMMERCE at least 30 days in advance, and the full presentation for inspection at least 7 days in advance before the event begins. Eventos E-COMMERCE is authorised to request adjustments or abbreviations of the conference where it does not conform with the Event framework due to its content or duration.

Eventos E-COMMERCE is authorised to reject the presentation where it does not meet the quality requirements of the event.

Except where there is agreement to the contrary, presentations will be published after the event on the Eventos E-COMMERCE official site.

8. Claims

Anomalies seen and possible claims made with reference to the same will obligatorily be made in writing to the Eventos E-COMMERCE address, accrediting their status as exhibitor, in the shortest time possible, with the aim of Eventos E-COMMERCE being able to solve the issue before the start or during the event. Where the fault or problem has not been solved to the satisfaction of event participants, the latter must present a detailed description of the problem in writing to Eventos E-COMMERCE in a period of seven days after the event ends with a copy of the initially presented claim and the work performed by Eventos E-COMMERCE.

Once the claim has been analysed, Eventos E-COMMERCE will issue a report where the damage caused to the exhibitor is assessed and the liability thereof established.

Where liability falls to Eventos E-COMMERCE, the latter will set compensation in accordance with the damage caused. The compensation may never be above a refund of 50% of the amounts paid by participants.

9. Client Obligations

Eventos E-COMMERCE clients agree at all times to provide truthful information on data requested on the user registration or enrolment forms for the event and keep them updated at all times. Clients agree to accept all provisions and conditions set out in the present General Contracting Terms and Conditions, understanding that they set out the best possible service wish for the type of activity run by Eventos E-COMMERCE, S.L.

Likewise, they agree to keep their personal access codes to our website confidential and with the maximum diligence.

10. Event Date or Location Change

Eventos E-COMMERCE may change the date or location with the same city for a planned event due to organisational, technical or other causes. Notification on the new dates or location will be made as quickly as possible, at the most 14 days before the originally planned start date for the event. Participants may cancel their participation, sending verifiable notification to the organisation in the period of 48 hours after the notification of the event date or location change. In this case, the rights to the registration fee will be retained. Exhibitors will have no right to possible damages.

Where Eventos E-COMMERCE changes event dates a second time, exhibitors may cancel their event participation and the amount paid up to the cancellation date will be returned.

11. Exhibitor and/or Sponsor Cancellation

Where registration has been carried out over the webpage or via the company registration form, exhibitors and/or sponsors will have a period of 7 calendar days to cancel without costs. Otherwise, registration will be taken as confirmed and the following cancellation penalties will be applied.

The following penalties are established for exhibitor and sponsor cancellation:

  • Up to 6 months before the Event, 0% of the invoice amount
  • Up to 4 months before the Event, 25% of the invoice amount
  • Up to 3 months before the Event, 50% of the invoice amount
  • Up to 2 months before the Event, 75% of the invoice amount
  • Up to 1 months before the Event, 100% of the invoice amount

The contract cancellation application must be verifiably notified.

12. Limitation of Guarantees

Eventos E-COMMERCE accepts no liability for personal or material damage such as robbery, vandalism or other. However, any goods, including their packaging, which are placed in the exhibition hall or in associated areas, shall be for the account and risk of the exhibitors. The organiser accepts no responsibility for insuring these goods.

Under no circumstances will either party be liable to the other under any theory of liability for indirect, incidental, consequential, special or exemplary damages arising from any provision of this agreement (including such damages incurred by third parties). Under no circumstances will either party be liable to the other for damages (or amounts) in excess of 100% of the amount invoiced by the organiser to the exhibitor for participation in the exhibition.

Eventos E-COMMERCE accepts no liability for damages caused by Force Majeure, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, strikes or other over which Eventos E-COMMERCE can not have any control or influence, especially, those depending on activities by third parties, such as electricity supply or internet. Neither does it accept liability for those faults or damages caused by internet providers.

Exhibitors will have no right to possible damages where there is duly accredited force majeure.

13. Insurance

Fire and Water Damage

All exhibit material, as well as other equipment, goods or sets used for exhibition and promotion must be insured for fire and water damage. This insurance is obligatory and must be contracted by every exhibitor. This insurance is not included in the rental of space, except where this is specified in the Specific Participation Terms and Conditions.

14. Safety Regulations

Safety Measures

Exhibition of all those products which may mean danger for visitors, other exhibitors, suppliers, Eventos E-COMMERCE staff or for the facilities is strictly forbidden. Exhibition of operating machinery is allowed when this does not represent a danger for people or facilities, the liabilities from all goods that may occur due to this situation exclusively corresponding to exhibitors, owners of said stands, and for this reason the necessary protective apparatus must be installed therein, adopting the safety measures required by current regulations and rules. Likewise, exhibitors with operating machinery or equipment are obliged to take out a civil liability policy to cover possible damages they may cause. Eventos E-COMMERCE reserves the right to inspect all facilities at all times via its services, being able to make however many observations it deems necessary to exhibitors which must be dealt with immediately without question.

Eventos E-COMMERCE may at all times demand exhibitors separate liable staff at the stand who, due to their behaviour, is deemed of said action.

15. Occupational Hazard Prevention

In application of what is set out in article 24, relating to 18.1, in Law 31/1995 dated November 8th concerning Occupational Hazard Prevention, exhibitors agree and undertake to keep Eventos E-COMMERCE informed of any possible occupational hazards arising from their stand assembly, which will be specified, where applicable, in the Design Project to be presented to Eventos E-COMMERCE.

Exhibitors have been informed by Eventos E-COMMERCE about hazards existing in the exhibition space and about the corresponding Protection and Prevention measures. They commit to sending this information, alongside the ‘general occupation hazard prevention regulations’ from Eventos E-COMMERCE and the ‘performance regulations in emergency situations’ to their workers and anyone contracted or subcontracted by them or via third parties, and demand compliance thereof during their stay at the site where the fair is being held. Eventos E-COMMERCE, where the indicated regulations are not complied with, may stop the work carried out by exhibitors or by anyone contracted or subcontracted by them or via third parties, notifying them of the cause for said stoppage with the aim that immediate rectification of the detected irregular situation is carried out.

16. Security and Confidentiality

Eventos E-COMMERCE, S.L. guarantees the security and confidentiality in all its communication with clients.

All online payment transactions are made via a secure server, based on the SSL standard, protecting information from attempted third party violations. The purchase process information is saved in a database designed for said purpose.

Eventos E-COMMERCE, S.L. guarantees the protection and confidentiality of personal information, domicile, payment and any other type of information our clients supply to us in accordance with what is set out in Organic Law 15/1999 dated December 13th on Personal Data Protection.

All information provided by our clients to Eventos E-COMMERCE, S.L. or its employees will be included in a personal computer information file created and maintained under the responsibility of Eventos E-COMMERCE, S.L. with the purpose set out on each information collection form. On said form, different purposes and uses than those necessary to fulfil the present contract may be accepted or not.

In compliance with what is set out in Organic Law 15/1999 dated December 13th, Eventos E-COMMERCE, S.L. clients may, at all times, exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition for all personal information, notifying Eventos E-COMMERCE, S.L. in writing:

Eventos E-COMMERCE, S.L.
Calle Goya, nº 22 - 2ª Planta
28001 Madrid
Tel.: +34 91 639 44 24
[email protected]

Where the information supplied is associated to an event participation purchase or payment, Spanish legislation obliges us to maintain it for at least five years, meaning that it may not be erased nor rectified, although it may be blocked (cancelled), even where clients request it.

17. Applicable Legislation and Competent Jurisdiction

Contracts with Eventos E-COMMERCE, S.L. are subject to Spanish legislation.

Where any conflict or disagreement, applicable jurisdiction will fall to the Courts or Tribunals of Madrid.

18. Data Protection

In compliance with Spanish law (Law 15/1999 of December 13, on Data protection) we inform you that Eventos E-COMMERCE, S.L. will proceed with the processing of your Personal Data in order to render adequately the services to be procured.

In particular, Data from the exhibitors, conference speakers or sponsors will be used by Eventos E-COMMERCE, S.L., only for administration and fulfillment of obligations under the Agreement, including them in a customer’s file, and for the promotion of Eventos E-COMMERCE, S.L.’s own products or corporate sponsors’ products, that were available at any time to their customers or the general public. The signer shall have the right to access, rectify, oppose or cancel its personal data by sending the appropriate request to the following address:

Calle Goya, nº 22 - 2ª Planta
28001 Madrid
C.I.F B 65224578

Please note that your data may be transferred to other entities of the Group Eventos E-COMMERCE, S.L. This consent to the transfer of data can be revoked in accordance with the current legislation.

Eventos E-COMMERCE, S.L. ensures the confidentiality of the data provided by our exhibitors, conference speakers or sponsors, and ensures that in no case they will be transferred to third parties without their consent.

  • Transfer of data of visitors in events organized by Eventos E-COMMERCE.

Depending on what has been agreed in the contract, Eventos E-COMMERCE may assign data from visitors who have attended some of your conferences only in case those visitors have given their express consent by accepting the Privacy and the Data Protection Policy of Eventos E-COMMERCE. In these cases, THE ASSIGNEE OF THE DATA can only treat the personal data to which it has been given access to promote its services and / or products.

Eventos E-COMMERCE represents and warrants:

  1. That personal data contained in the data bases of Eventos E-COMMERCE have been obtained from the interested parties and / or with its specific consent, by completing online forms, having been informed by the form and / or other ways of information, about the identity of the Data Controler, the purpose of obtaining the data under the terms of the LOPD and the ability to transfer their data to the exhibitors and / or conference speakers at the event.
  2. That Eventos E-COMMERCE has implemented the security measures of basic level set out in the LOPD and Royal Decree 1720/2007 of 21 December, which approves the Regulation implementing the LOPD and that such security measures are collected in a Security Document, which is known and mandatory for all the staff.

In relation to this, the ASSIGNEE OF THE DATA is obliged to use only the personal data to which it has been given access because of its attendance to the event, to publicize its services and / or products. Under the provisions of Article 9 of LOPD, the ASSIGNEE OF THE DATA is committed to adopt the necessary technical and organizational security measures of basic level to ensure the security of personal data to which can have access and prevent their alteration, loss, or unauthorized access and these security measures are contained in a Security Document, which is known and mandatory for all its staff. The ASSIGNEE OF DATA hereby undertakes not to transfer the Personal Data to which may have access under this Agreement to third parties, including group companies that the ASSIGNEE OF THE DATA may belong to or to use them for purposes other than those established in this document. The transfer of the data to third parties and / or used for purposes other than those agreed is subject to the prior express written consent of the holders of the Data. These obligations shall continue even after the end of the relationship under this Contract.