1. Gaining clients is more effective and simple in a face-to-face conversation. Specialized fairs are therefore of vital importance to find your future clients. There are no better B2B communication channels than specialized fairs. More than 90% of companies make good use of such fairs to gain new clients.

  2. Specialized fairs such as OMExpo are the meeting point for the leading companies of the sector, setting the latest trends and showing the best and most interesting offers. Companies exhibit their brand new products, aiming to attract the highest attention from professional visitors and specialized media.

  3. With a large attendance of professional visitors, OMExpo provides marketing executives, agencies and exhibitors with an opportunity for fluid and direct exchange of ideas. OMExpo is the leading fair in Spain, Portugal and Latin America, being the only fair where you can personally meet the main participants in the digital market and the main figures within the digital marketing sector.

  4. Main marketing strategists of advertising and promotion companies – service, industry and commerce sectors-, that (do not yet) apply digital solutions to their communication processes, and high ranking officials of the advertising agencies sector related to the digital market –media planning, creative and full service agencies- attend OMExpo as well as experts and opinion leaders such as service suppliers and advisors.

  5. A close collaboration for many years with major institutions and associations as well as with specialized media ensures current affairs and innovations to play a relevant role and enables relevant target groups to attend OMExpo as professional visitors.

Online Marketing Expo Madrid

March 2nd & 3rd, 2011.

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